BH: indicative nunation?

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Mon Apr 2 14:02:58 EDT 2001

reading genesis with intro students: ch.3, v.15.

lemma T.:$W.PEN.W.

i explained the ennu vs ehu as the preservation of the older nunation
associated with the indicative vs subjunctive, with enhu > ennu.

in other words, i'm claiming *n marked indicative generally, its absence

but then i was asked about the lemma Y:$W.P:KF, and why it wasn't
Y:$W.PEK.F with the indicative nun, enka > ekka.

on the fly, i thought of an interesting and probably correct analogy:
there is a pausal vs contextual variation for "from you(ms)", viz.

what if we're missing the regularity of the hebrew phenomenon because of
tiberian pausal phonology?

what do you think....?

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