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Sun Apr 1 21:03:47 EDT 2001

I wanted to thank all who responded to my bibliographic
inquiry.  I found a few sources I did not yet have as a 
result - sources that I think should prove useful. I have 
not read everything yet, but I did get through a good number
of them. Gary Rendsberg's book, of course, has been especially
useful by being so systematic, though some criteria are clearly 
better founded than others.

In examining the origins of Ex. 15, I have been 
considering the use of P(L as opposed to (&H 
as evidence of northern authorship (drawing
on Phonecian, Ugaritic).  

Originally, I was not sure whether this would apply to Ex 15, 
as all three roots appear, however, (&H is not used 
as a verb, rather as a participle in Ex15:11 - (&H PL) 
almost as a formula, and not an active form...

Am I seeing too much in the morphology, or is this
a real distinction? Any opinions?


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