Nine Commandments

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Mon Apr 2 02:23:12 EDT 2001

If someone were to announce to me that they were reading a positively
riveting new book about the Ten Commandments, it would take substantial
effort for me to refrain from laughing in their face. However, I have just
finished the reading the first several chapters of:

The Nine Commandments
Uncovering the Hidden Pattern of Crime and Punishment in the Hebrew Bible
David Noel Freedman, Doubleday 2000

This is not a book preoccupied with the details of Hebrew philology.
Freedman's project is a very high level structural analysis of Exodus
through Kings based on the several patterns including:
command -> violation -> exile
as well as the pattern set forth in the Ten Commandments. This is a book
about the big picture written by a man who has had some time to think about
it seriously.

Looks like a very good read.


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