HF$IBBO:LIYM (?) -- (Parenthesis)

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Wed Sep 27 08:02:37 EDT 2000

On Tue 26 Sep 2000 (18:40:41 +0200), mc2499 at mclink.it wrote:
> And in connected speech in English (ie spoken normally):
>     Bush showed a lot.
> There is a double $ going from Bush to showed. Try and say it with only
> one and you end up with
>     Bush owed a lot.
> So, is there really no difference in pronunciation?

 Well yes, there is. You put a glottal stop ('aleph or `ayin; or a Shewa)
 between the last Sh of Bush and the first Sh of showed. The same thing occurs
 with the often spoken "Bus stop", which becomes "bus top" in lazy speech. In
 Handel's Messiah, our choir director insisted that we articulate "He shall
 reign for 'ever and 'ever" with glottal stops, not by singing it "he shall
 reign forever endeavour".

 So do we say it Ha$:$iBBo:LiYM or HF$iBBo:LiYM ?  Does it matter?

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