The Flood

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Dear Christine,

I am not aware of this latest information. I am aware that a book was
recently released claiming that the basis of Noah's Flood was a change in
water levels of the Black Sea. But this is not in the area of Shuruppak in
Lower Mesopotamia, where the earliest Fllod story is situated in the
Sumerian account of the Flood and its later Babylonian spin-offs, including
the biblical. Because Humanist scholars understand the biblical account to
derive from the Sumerian and Babylonian accounts, most Humanist scholars *do
not take seriously* the claims of a change in water levels of the Black Sea
being behind the biblical account.

All the best,


Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld
Walldorf by Heidelberg

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> Dear Dave and Walter,
> Neither of you have addressed archeological discoveries made public within
the last
> two weeks supporting evidence of a major flood by the same same man who
located the
> Titanic...he was sponsored by the National Geographic Society. This is
considered a
> find of major proportions.
> Unfortunately I did not save the information....perhaps others can fill
you in. I
> think it is pertinent to your discussion.
> Best,
> Christine Bass
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