LMB's Exodus Proposal

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Dear Lloyd,

It is quite common in hymns of praise among the Assyrians and Babylonians,
to speak of the awe inspiring might of their gods who cause fire of heaven
to descend to the earth, and who cause mountains and the earth itself "to
tremble," so there is nothing "volcanic" here in the imagery.

I know of no volcanoes in Sinai, extinct, dormant or whatever. There are
volcanic fields, however, in Saudi Arabia. The only active volcano in
antiquity that I am aware of is Mt. Etna in Italy. If there were others, I
am not aware of the fact. Perhaps a viewer could suggest otherwise  ?

All the best,  Walter

Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld
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> Like smoke from a furnace the smoke went up and the whole mountain shook
violently. (Ex 20:18).
> Point taken, but do you know if the region in question has any volcanoes?
> Lloyd

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