HF$IBBO:LIYM (?) -- Gen. 41.24

Henry Churchyard churchh at usa.net
Mon Sep 25 11:11:59 EDT 2000

> Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 01:26:48 -0500
> From: "Jason Hare" <language_lover64801 at yahoo.com>
> Subject: HF$IBBO:LIYM (?) -- Gen. 41.24

> the form HF$IBBO:LIYM in Genesis 41.24.  Is there a specific reason
> for there being no daghesh in the shin?  Is there an explanation for
> such a difference in tradition and what is the significance of the
> BHS reading?

The BHS footnote implies that it's a peculiarity of manuscript "L" (B19a);
note that the footnote says "mlt" instead of "nonn"  ;-)

I'm not aware of any phonological reason why the consonant _shin_
would be given a "guttural" treatment in this context...

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