LMB's Exodus Proposal

Walter Mattfeld mattfeld at mail.pjsnet.com
Sun Sep 24 15:55:17 EDT 2000

Dear Lloyd,

There are several candidates for your northern Mt. Horeb/Sinai, in the
northern Sinai, going from west to east, they are Jebel Yelleq, Jebel
Maghara (north of Yelleq) and  Jebel Halal, two tracks from Southern Judaea
pass by these mountains on the way to Lake Timsah. I guess it is one of
these you have in mind ? By the way, there is an interesting archaeological
survey map of the Sinai in Rothenburg's book (cf. p. 112, Beno Rothenberg,
Sinai, Pharaohs, Miners, Pilgrims and Soldiers. New York. Joseph Binns,
Publisher, 1979, ISBN 089674-002-1).

LMB> I deduce that it lies somewhere along the roads to Kadesh Barnea and
> that Mt. Horeb is located nearby.  I do not equate Horeb and Sinai.  There
> are two mountains of some elevation along the route I am suggesting.
> names escape me.  Perhaps you know.
> WM: As you are probably aware, there are several different prosposals for
> where Mt.Sinai/Horeb lay. Jebel Katharina, Jebel Musa, Gebal Serbal, or
> el-Lawz in Saudi Arabia, and others. There also exists different ideas as
> whether Horeb and Sinai are the same place. The texts do suggest for some
> scholars that it was only 3days march from Goshen and Zoan (Exodus 5:3,
> Psalm 78:12,43).

LMB:  You did not mention the two mountains I have entertained in the NE of
the Sinai Peninsula.  I cannot find it in my manuscript for some reason.  It
is Jebel something.  Sorry.
> >

All the best,

Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld
Walldorf by Heidelberg

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