HF$IBBO:LIYM (?) -- Gen. 41.24

Jason Hare language_lover64801 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 23 02:26:48 EDT 2000

We are reading through the Joseph story in Genesis.  In reading the passage
about Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream, our class (consisting of two
students and the teacher *smile*) came across the form HF$IBBO:LIYM in
Genesis 41.24.  Is there a specific reason for there being no daghesh in
the shin?  One more thing: in the Leningrad tradition, there _is_ a daghesh
and a patakh.  We use the BHS in class and this is the one in which the
daghesh is missing and the vowel of the heh is a qamets (A --> F).  Is
there an explanation for such a difference in tradition and what is the
significance of the BHS reading?

Thanks in advance,
Jason Hare


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