The Flood

Walter Mattfeld mattfeld at
Fri Sep 22 01:20:58 EDT 2000

Dear Dave,

As per your suggestion, let's begin a new thread on the Flood. Tell me about
the "gaps" in Genesis' presentation of the Chronology of the world from its
beginning in 6 days and Adam's creation on the 6th day, down to Abraham's
days. Please provide me a chronological chart in BCE terminology for
Genesis' various events, the Creation, the ten generations before the Flood,
the ten generations after the Flood to Abraham's time.

When was Noah's Flood according to your understanding ? Do you understand it
to be truly a World covering flood, 15 cubits over the mountain tops, or
something of a more local nature ? What are your scholarly sources for your
understandings ?  What is the nature of the "hard evidence," flood deposits,
like debris, such as the remains of bodies of humans and animals to be found
in this Flood layer ?  What scientific methods are being used to date the
Flood ?

All the best,


Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld
Walldorf by Heidelberg

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