Samaritan Pentateuch

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>Dear Friends,
>  I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the textual criticism of 
>the Samaritan Pentateuch. 

see emmanuel tov's excellent book on the text of the hebrew bible.  pp. 80ff
discuss the sam. pent.  though tov draws no conclusion, it seems from the
evidence that the sam. pent. dates to the Hasmonean period.
as far as content is concerned (aside from various small orthographic or
vocabulary differences): the following verses are of interest

Gen 2:2- for 7th day sam.pent has 6th.
Gen 14:14- mt-- he armed his followers;  sam-- he crushed his followers
Gen 47:21- mt- he transferred the to the cities; sam-- he enslaved them to
Gen 49:7- mt-- cursed be their anger;  sam--mighty was their anger
Ex 15:3- mt-- warrior;  sam-- a war hero
Num 24:7- mt- the foundation;  sam-- the pate

and of course throughout when jerusalem is alluded to mt gerizim is substituted.



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