Samaritan Pentateuch

Tony Costa tmcos at
Thu Sep 21 13:12:46 EDT 2000

Dear Friends,

  I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the textual criticism of 
the Samaritan Pentateuch. I understand that this text is older than the 
Masoretic Text as well as the Dead Sea Scrolls from Qumran which scholars 
place between 100 BCE to 100 CE. My understanding of the Samaritan 
Pentateuch is that it was composed sometime in 300 BCE ot thereafter. 
Nevertheless, it is assumed that changes have been evident in this text to 
suit Samaritan theological convictions over Jewish ones. Given the fact that 
the Samaritan Pentateuch is older than the MT and presumably the LXX , would 
it be true to say that it contributes highly to the textual criticism of the 
Hebrew Bible (MT)? Any insights? Many thanks in advance.

                                               Tony Costa
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