Sefer Amelim BaTorah

Al Silberman alfred.silberman at
Mon Sep 18 09:18:31 EDT 2000

I am pleased to announce the publication and availability of my
Sefer Amelim BaTorah.

This book addresses the need to have a  simple method of finding the
(grammatical) structure and meaning of any verb in Tanakh.

To generate this book, every word in Tanakh was sorted by its vowels
rather than by its consonants. This novel concept (no-one has ever
done this - to my knowledge) collects together in a single grouping
every word in Tanakh which has the same vowel sequence. The vowel
sequence is hierarchical in the same sense that an alphabetical
sequence used by dictionaries is hierarchical. Thus, by knowing the
vowel sequence of a word any word can easily be found. 

For each vowel grouping the words are segregated into conjugations. 
Each conjugation is separately explained. This constitutes one of the 
two tables in the book. The second table combines all of the data in 
the Vowel Table and forms a Conjugation Table.

No book in existence contains all this information laid out in such a 
systematic fashion.

The book comes in 3 volumes constituting over 2,000 8/5" x 11" pages.
The price is $45 plus $5 shipping and can be obtained:

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