Before Abraham Was

Pat Power papower47 at
Thu Sep 14 14:59:25 EDT 2000

This is for LMB, whose personal email address I no longer have access to as
OE has taken 3 months of my mail and refuses to return it :-)

Just found my copy of this book. I am in the process of packing and moving
and it has been awhile since I read it.

So . . . I'm working from memory here as I haven't had the time to reread

I was intrigued by the author comparing Gen 1-11 to other creation myths,
finding a similar 5 part structure dealing with creation, three cycles of
human beings multiplying [or the Hebrew Bible's reticence of human beings to
be fruitful and multiply], the punishment for overpopulation [or the HB's
consequences for human beings not spreading out and populating the earth]
and the final solution of birth control [or forced populating]. Assumes the
comparative lateness of its composition with respect to the ancient myths,
giving this author more sophistication and an audience who would be familiar
with the old, old stories. Similar historical events are reinterpreted to a
new conclusion - Israel's God expects them to be fruitful and multiply and
fill the earth. It is not their noisy numbers that causes God to act, but
their moral failure to obey him.

pat power 

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