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Shalom friend,

"Mamzer" = from an unused root meaning to alienate; see TWOT - 1174a
It means child of incest, illegitimate child.
fig: child of mixed parentage-Hebrew and pagan.

It is used of an illegitimate child who is refused enterance to the congregation 
of the Lord until the tenth generation.  It is possible that Deut reference 
(23:2) refers to a child of mixed parentage-Hebrew and pagan?
Also see Zec 9:6.


In Deuteronomy 23:2 the word "mamzer" is used to describe a group excluded from
the assembly of the L-rd. There are differing ideas as to what this word means b
ut I would love to hear what some of you think. Please give bibliographic data i
f possible! Shalom, Brent Emery

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