Gen 1:2 "was"/"became"

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| << There are indeed examples in which hyh clearly
| means *became* that do not have lamed on either
| an "indirect object" or a "direct object."
| Gen 19:26, 21:20, 25:27, Exo 8:13, to
| name a few. Gen 19:26 goes like this:
| vatthi netsib melax
| "And she became a pillar of salt." >>

The problem with this example is that it is a waw-consecutive - not a perfect verb.

| Thank you for acknowledging that an exegetical
| analysis of this passage does not deny us the
| possibility of an Earth which "became" void and
| without form.

The author uses a perfect verb which we would be best translating as a pluperfect -- "and
the earth had been disordered and disarrayed..."

There is no comment on whether they "became" disordered and disarrayed, or whether that
was their original state.

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