Mikraot Gedolot

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Eiichi Katoh wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> I'm just thinking about purchasing "Mikraot Gedolot", but I'm not sure which
> edition is the best one. Does anybody know which edition is the most
> reliable and authoritative?

There are two modern editions of Miqraot Gedolot, in modern script with critical
apparati, but neither of them including all the books of the Tanakh

For the Pentateuch alone there is:
Katzenelenbogen, Mordechai Leib, ed., _Torat Hayyim:Hamishah Humeshei Torah_, 5 vold.,
Jerusalem, Mosad Harav Kook, 1986.

Bar-Ilan University is producing an edition for the whole Tanakh:

Cohen, Menahem, ed., _Miqraot Gedolot Haketer_, Ramat-Gan, Bar Ilan University, 1992-.
Volumes that have appeared so far:
Genesis, 2 parts; Joshua; Judges; Samuel; Kings, Isaiah.

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