Linguistic Origins of Hebrew: 1800 BCE?!

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Would you agree with the following: (please critique what is wrong with this
succession scheme)

1. Serabit el Khadem, Sinai, Proto-Canaanite, 1500 BCE
2. Proto-Canaanite, 13-12th century BCE
3. Ahiram Sarcophagus, Phoenician, 1000 BCE
4. Gezer Calender, Hebrew, end of 10th century BCE
5. Mesha Stele, Hebrew script  mid. 9th century BCE
6. Kilamu inscription, Phoenician, last third of 9th century BCE
7. Siloam inscription, Hebrew, late 8th century BCE
8. Hebrew seals, 7th century BCE
9. Hebrew ostraca, Arad, early 6th century BCE
10 Elephantine Papyrus, Aramaic, late 5th century BCE
11 Leviticus Scroll, Qumran, Paleo-Hebrew, late 2nd century BCE
12 Isaiah Scroll, I, Qumran, square Hebrew script, late 2nd century BCE

This may point to 1500 as a starting point? Or not...

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