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However we can not expect El (or if you prefer "The bull El") being 
same with the biblical bull of El. The second ought be identified 
with Baal.

I would disagree.  If we allow for syncretism, I see no reason why El 
is not always El whether worshipped by the Canaanites, the 
Israelites, or the Arameans.  El is El.

There was clearly a very close association between Baal and El/Yahweh 
the early Israelites, since laters bull (golden calve) images 
decorated not 
Baal, but El temples.

Yes, Yahweh is closer to Baal than El, but he was neither originally 
as he hailed from the deserts of southern Palestine.

Probably was El as a not representational god just imagined as riding 
standing on bulls back- so the golden calf (Baal) acted just as a 
kind of 
Qibla and secondary statist god, inside the El/Yahweh temple. The 
knew were inside the temple to direct their prayers to El.

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Michael Bányai


L.M. Barre, Ph.D. 
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