Cause he said so

Kimmo Huovila kimmo.huovila at
Sat Sep 9 04:39:05 EDT 2000

Though this does not really give a complete answer to your question,
text linguistics can give an alternative, plausible analysis in some
cases where different sources have been proposed. The tendency in the
past has been to propose different sources before examining all the
alternatives from the standpoint of text linguistics (no doubt, partly
due to the fact that text linguistics is a relatively recent
discipline). However, in my opinion, the source critic should be very
well equipped in text linguistics to have a solid basis for his


barre at wrote:
> I would like to know what critical theories of composition for the
> Pentateuch (Tetrateuch, Hexateuch) are offered by those who reject
> the Documentary Hypothesis.  As far as I know, no one has does this
> with regard to Mosaic authorship, at least not to the level of
> criticism of the rival position.  My past has taught me that Mosaic
> authorship is propounded on theological grounds, that since Jesus
> referred to the Law of Moses, and Jesus can't be wrong, Moses had to
> have written it.  This position is then made more credible by mostly
> casting dispersions on the DH.  So if anyone can offer a scholarly
> alternative to the DH and its variants, I would like them to make
> some sort of case beyond Jesus said so.

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