P's Flood Chronology

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Fri Sep 8 02:55:23 EDT 2000

As an illustration of the conflation of separate documents, I refer 
to an isolating of P's Chronology which is coherent only if J's is 
ignored.  In short, the flood starts on 2.17 (7:11), with rising for 
five months or 150 days until 7.17 (7:24). Then they recede for five 
month until 12.17 (8:3).  The dove is then released over a period of 
two weeks (8:10-11) bringing at which time the earth is dry on New 
Year's Day (8:13).  (For more detail arguments see my "The Riddle of 
the Flood Chronology, JSOT 41(1988) 1-20).  The chronological notice 
only make sense if J and P are isolated and separated, showing that 
we are dealing with a conflated story.


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