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Fri Sep 8 03:12:45 EDT 2000

My reading in this genre of OT studies has suggested that the whole 
has been more or a blight on OT studies than a blessing. It consumes 
in theoretical constructions, over-complicates OT studies, results in
disagreement among scholars as to what is in J,E,D, P, and perhaps 
documents, and takes people away from the profound implications of 
the text

Harold Holmyard

Dear Harold,

Source criticism (I prefer Composition criticism), is simply on of 
several exegetical methods.  The difficuties arise not from the 
method but from the literature itself.  I trust all can see that the 
Pentateuch is compositionally complex.  

Can you speak to the question of the composition of the Pentateuch?  
How do you think it came to be written?


L.M. Barre, Ph.D. 
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