examples: vayyiqtol and adverbs

yochanan bitan ButhFam at compuserve.com
Wed Sep 6 05:36:25 EDT 2000

shalom Peter,
You asked about examples of the following
> To put it another way, this interpretation demands
>that in verse 3 there is a WAYYIQTOL form in a non-sentence-initial

I've presented on list the very nice Isaiah 6.1 and Moabite line 4-5? and
31(?) as examples of pure adverbial followed by vav hahippux. there are
others, and you might add any examples of "vayehi (befo`olo) vayya`as..."
contrasting with "vayehi (befo`olo) veha-po`el `asa ..., et al.

Of course, I wouldn't exactly say 'the conjunctive meaning is not
possible', the question is very poorly phrased for Hebrew. It's looking at
the language backwards/inside-out or outside-in, to turn a phrase. 

Randall Buth

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