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<< Jerusalem I thought was the "place which the Lord your God will choose".
Mentioning Shechem should exclude it from being that place as the mention
of Jerusalem would. It could of course have been some other place, but the
lack of mention of Jerusalem in a text almost certainly written after
Hebrew control of Jerusalem is significant: either the sort of proposal you
make is correct (and they simply didn't want to mention Jerusalem anyway)
or the place is Jerusalem.


The Deuteronomist's HaM.fQoWM )a:$eR_YiBXaR YHWH may be interpreted in 
basically two ways:

1. Jerusalem -- in a work supposedly written prior to the Conquest (according 
to the view presented) could hardly specifically mention Jerusalem.

2. (any) place which YHWH would choose

The second understanding would make it acceptable to the Samaritans.


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