Genesis' JEDP ???

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Mon Sep 4 01:02:51 EDT 2000

Dear George,

Thankyou for your observation. I am aware that the Artist (Author) who
composed the Primary History (Genesis-2 Kings) was employing "sources,"
earlier stories, myths, some perhaps oral, others written (some scholars
caling these "sources" JEDP). He wasn't making
up from "whole cloth" everything in the Primary History.

I can't imagine a single viewer of this list who doesn't believe he or she
possesses the correct understanding of the Scriptures. We all "think we
know" what TRUTH  IS and we present our arguments and what we understand to
be  "lines of evidence" to try and convince others we have the correct

If I have learned anything from my 30 year quest for *THE TRUTH*, it is that
one must have an "open mind" and be willing to read and *study opposing
viewpoints*, Conservative and Liberal on the Scriptures. One has to study
the arguments being advanced, note the strengths and weaknesses inherent in
each and then *do original research* to confirm who has argued the stronger
case. There must be "a thirst for knowledge," an eagerness to study new
perspectives, and receptivity to all views.

Although I have identified myself as a Humanist, I was not always so. I
began this quest for the Truth 30 yrs ago as Protestant Fundamentalist,
believing in the "Inerrancy" of the Scriptures. My research began with the
intent "to prove" the Scriptures, but after 20 yrs of studying the
arguments, pro and con, I was eventually  persuaded 10 yrs ago, based on the
testimony of Archaeological evidence, that the Humanists had the strongest

I would like to reccomend a recently acquired book arguing that
Genesis-2Kings is a unified work by one author, composed ca. 550 BCE ( I got
my copy for only $13.00, from Scholar's Bookshelf, 110 Melich Rd., Cranbury,
NJ 08512):

Donald Harman Akenson, Surpassing Wonder, The Invention of the Bible and the
Talmuds. New York, Harcourt Brace & Co., 1998, ISBN 0-15-100418-8,  pp.658,

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend my "personal thanks" to
the sponsors and moderators of this list, who have allowed a variety of
views, Jewish, Christian and Humanist to be expressed regarding various
conflicting interpretations of the Scriptures and their "Historicity." I
suspect that they are aware that THE TRUTH can only be served by permitting
a variety of views to be presented. I "doff my hat" to all of you for your
fine work !!!

All the best,


Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld
Walldorf by Heidelberg

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> There is an old saying, "Too many cooks ruin the pot." I just can't
> 4 authors within the Primary History, for each would have his own world
> view, contradicting his fellows. I see a single world view throughout the
> Primary History, suggesting a single Artist.
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> In the works espousing the Documentary Hypothesis, this is generally known
> the Redactor(s).  This does not eliminate the original sources.
> gfsomsel

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