Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Sun Sep 3 19:15:20 EDT 2000

> <Dave>
> See also D.A. Carson, "Exegetical Fallacies" which develops this
> same thought under the heading "The root fallacy."
> <Bill>
> Are you saying that it is a fallacy that it is possible that a name that is
> given can have a specific meaning? That if a parent says they named their
> child to associate their identity with a particular idea is lying? That the
> accounts of the naming of Jacob, Moses, Jesus, etc are intrinsically false
> because they come under the "root fallacy"? What a self-important view.

Umm, where exactly did I say any of this?  I referred readers to a 
book, nothing more.  Anything beyond this is eisegesis.

Dave Washburn
"Éist le glór Dé."

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