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Bryan Rocine brocine at
Sun Sep 3 16:42:46 EDT 2000

> > Liz Fried wrote:
> Dear Lee,
> Bereshit in construct indicates that bara is not a finite
verb, since you
> cannot have
> a construct with a finite verb. Bara should be repointed
to baro.

 Dear Liz,

And would you suggest amending the many other construct
chains with finite verbs as their absolutes, such as the
following that have the qatal?
Lev. 14:46
1 Sam. 25:15
1 Chr. 29:3
Ps. 74:3
Ps. 90:15
Ps. 104:9
Ps. 129:6
Ps. 148:6
Prov. 17:14
Isa. 15:1
Isa. 29:1
Jer. 48:36
Hos. 1:2

or the following that have the yiqtol?
Exod. 4:13
Ps. 71:18
Jer. 20:8
Hos. 14:3

or might a BH proposition (simple declarative statement)
behave "noun-ishly"?  Especially those made by the qatal?  I
believe the latter.


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