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> In the introduction of Genesis in The NIV Study Bible:
> During the last two centuries some scholars have claimed to find in the
> Pentateuch four underlying sources.  The presumed documents, allegedly dating
> from the tenth to the fifth centuries B.C., are called J (for Jahweh/Yahweh,
> the personal OT name for God), E (for Elohim, a generic name for God), D (for
> Deuteronomic) and P (for Priestly).  Each of these documents is claimed to
> have its own characteristics and its own theology, which often contradicts
> that of the other documents.  The Pentateuch is thus depicted as a patchwork
> of stories, poems and laws. However, this view is not supported by conclusive
> evidence, and intensive archaeological and literary research has undercut many
> of the arguments used to challenge Mosaic authorship.
> Whatyathunk?? :-)

Getting back to the original message. Jeremy, I think you should take a look
at Wenham¹s commentary on Genesis. He gives a fair assessment of the current
evidence and offers a defensible (IMO) via media.

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