Documentary Hypothesis

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> i am perfectly content being in the minority.  the problems i
> have with the
> documentary hypothesis are immense.  the history reflected in the
> documentary hypothesis is not history at all but theological propaganda.
> i.e., the texts of the HB are intended to give solace to the new
> population
> that they do indeed belong there---- and the theory of Wellhausen and his
> followers was intended to give them solace that just as israels religion
> evolved and became more humane so to it reached its climax in Jesus and
> Christianity.
Dear Jim, et. al.,
By the Documentary Hypothesis I didn't mean to include the whole kit
and kaboodle worked out by Wellhausen. I don't agree with that either.
As it was originally phrased by J Sasser (that there are separate writers
of the torah whom we can label J, (E?), D, P, and H, and there may be
does not seem controversial to me.  It's simply stating that the numerous
contradictions are best explained by separate authors rather than by
a single author who is having a fit of amnesia.

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