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>> Dear Jeremy, I think you should get a different bible.
>> The bible I recommend is the Harper-Collins Study Bible,
>> it is the NRSV,and has notes and commentary by the foremost
>> biblical scholars of our time.
>> The bible has the OT, NT, and the Apocrypha, plus maps and charts.
>> It is the most literal and up-to-date translation.
> This is purely a matter of opinion, which should be obvious to all.
> For one thing, "literal" is not necessarily best.  For another, the
> NIV study Bible has a much broader spectrum of scholars from
> various points of view, which is rather unlike the NRSV which
> seems to have had a definite agenda.  It may be your favorite, but
> to blatantly proclaim it as the best is a vast overstatement.

And one should also add that the NRSV is certainly NOT a "literal"
translation, no matter how you define it. They team made certain specific
decisions, most of which I personally approve of, to translate gender
references universally. E.g., in Paul's epistles the term "brothers" is
often translated "brothers and sisters" where appropriate.

The translational footnotes in NRSV (regardless of edition) are excellent
and point out these translations and variants where appropriate. I assign
this Bible for my students, in fact.

On the other hand, if one is from an evangelical background and perspective
and looking for a study bible which addresses (but obviously does not always
agree with) contemporary scholarship than the NIV Study Bible fits the bill
very well.
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