Gen 1:1. Kermess

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Fri Sep 1 20:05:04 EDT 2000

Dear Lee,

You wrote:

>V. 1 is the "beginning" of creation and vv. 3ff are the 
>continuation of creation, 

I don't know how you come to the idea of "continuation of creation". We
have a "this is what is to be described" v1, then a "these are the
circumstances" v2, and finally the acts described.

>which is completed in 2:1 "thus the heavens and earth were finished."  Note
>the inclusio "heavens and earth."

Thanks for this last thought. The idea hadn't pentrated the skull before,
but you are right.

(One small thing that disturbs me in 2:1 though is the mention of cb'
"host": the host of heaven?? -- or related to Lord of Hosts??)


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