1 King 7:14

George Athas gathas at globalfreeway.com.au
Mon Oct 30 16:26:47 EST 2000

In the ANE, people held various socio-legal statuses, many of which we would never think
of as particularly distinguishing today in a legal way. One such socio-legal status was
the widow ('almanah). Today, we have "Mr", "Miss" "Ms" "Mrs" "Dr", etc. 1 Ki 7:14 wants to
point out that the woman involved in this narrative had the legal status of a widow. She
is not just any unidentified woman -- she is a woman with the legal status of "widow". To
us that seems a peripheral point to highlight, but everyone in the ancient world was known
by their legal status ("father", "mother", "virgin", "widow", etc). It should not come as
any surprise, then, to find many people identified by their legal status.

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