Genesis 25 - 7 questions

Brian Tucker jbtucker at
Sat Oct 28 22:59:09 EDT 2000

I am working through Gen 25 and I have some questions about it:

1. Form critical:
15:1-4 J
15:5-6 J
15:7-11 P
15:12-17 P
15:18 J
Do you agree with the above?

2. Structural issue:
A Abraham's Genealogy 25:1-6
 B Abraham's Death Report 25:7-11
A1 Ishmael's Genealogy 25:12-16
 B1 Ishmael's Death Report 25:17-18
Do you agree with the above? Any other structural suggestions?

3. Why did the editor place this section here? Is it simply to bring the
Abraham cycle to a close?

4. The toledot formula is 15:12 - is it just the switch to Ishmael? I read
in the archieves about Wiseman's idea that toledot ends a section not
begins a section? What is the toledot doing, if anything abnormal?

5. Are these names (Arabian or Ishmaelite) mentioned in any Assyrian or
other texts or inscriptions?

6. Westermann says we can't say anything about the original setting for
Gen 25 (p. 395). Can anyone provide another view?

7. Are there any poetic features in Gen 25?

Thanks for any help you can provide
Brian Tucker
Riverview, MI
jbtucker at

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