Silent or vocal shewa?

M & E Anstey anstey at
Sat Oct 21 15:39:07 EDT 2000

Hello all,

It is usually stated that a shewa after an accented syllable is silent, but
what of the case of irregularly stressed 3fs qal perfects, such as found in
Gen 19:38, 30:21; Joe 4:13; Mal 1:9, etc which have the accent on the first
syllable? Is
shewa then silent or vocal, ie yáldah or yáledah, mál'ah or mále'ah, háytah
or háyetah, etc?
Does this rule about shewa after an
accented syllable apply in such a case? I can't anything clear about it in
Gesenius, but it may be in there somewhere.

What are your thoughts?

Matthew Anstey
Vrije Universiteit, Nederland

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