Out of Edom

Ita Sheres isheres at mail.sdsu.edu
Sun Oct 22 12:58:43 EDT 2000

I think that D.N. Freedman in his "Prophecy, Poetry, Pottery..." (title
maybe ordered differently) made the point about the antiquity of this poem
(Freedman seems to think that it harks
back to actual wars of the 12th century BCE) and links it with the Song of
the Sea, which more and more seems to be associated with another woman,
Miriam.  You may wish to consult that book.  The question of Deborah and
Yael is indeed interesting though a bit complex to deal with
briefly.  Certainly, Yael is not a Hebrew and her relationship with the
Kenites and those ramifications (also harking back to Mosaic days) are an
interesting subject in itself.

Ita Sheres.

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