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<< Dear forum members,
 Yahweh, when you set out from Seir,
 as you trod the land of Edom,
 earth shook, the heavens quaked,
 the clouds dissolved into water.
 The mountains melted before Yahweh,
 before Yahweh, the god of Israel. (Judg 5:4-5)
 I am interested in what opinions people hold as to the identity of the event 
described in this text from the Song of Deborah and also in whatever other 
information may be gleaned from this passage.
 Thank you for your comments.
 L.M. Barre >>

According to the footnotes in my version of the Hebrew Bible, these verses 
depict the giving of the Torah to Israel. The Torah was first offered to the 
descendants of Esau, dwelling then in Edom and Mount Seir. When they rejected 
it, God moved in splendor from Mount Seir to Mount Sinai to give it to the 
Isrealites. It seems these verses gave rise to that tradition, or helped, 
anyway. Hope that helps a little.

Lance Petersen

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