OTA BHS Conversion

John Ronning ronning at xsinet.co.za
Mon Oct 16 03:33:31 EDT 2000

> John Richards wrote:
> May I enquire whether anyone on the list has managed to
> convert the Oxford Text Archive (OTA) BHS text using
> the SIL CC packages so as to end up with a full BHS text
> in SIL Ezra TTF
> font on a PC?

I have done this for several styles (full cantilation,
consonants and vowels only, and consonants only) and as far
as I've checked the text is correct.  I did not know of any
CC tables for inserting verse numbers (mine has only chapter
numbers), so I've been doing that manually with word
processor macros.

A very nice font - thanks SIL.  Also thanks to Frydrich for
his free right-to-left keyboard utility which makes entry of
text in the Ezra font much less cumbersome:

RTL for Windows 95 -

George asked about accents a while ago.  There are two such
accents with SIL Ezra - one for narrow letters and one for
standard (ANSI 181 & 180).  With the right-to-left utility,
you press shift-B and it automatically picks the correct


John Ronning

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