OTA BHS Conversion

John Richards jhr at universalist.worldonline.co.uk
Sun Oct 15 02:34:30 EDT 2000

May I enquire whether anyone on the list has managed to convert the Oxford Text Archive (OTA) BHS text using
the SIL CC packages so as to end up with a full BHS text in SIL Ezra TTF
font on a PC?

The CCT conversion files seem to be faulty to me. After systematically
trying all the possible permutations described in their Convert2.PDF file,
the best I have been able to achieve is an ALMOST perfect text (99% or so),
but with serious shortcomings. The conversion table to insert chapter and
verse numbering seems to corrupt the BHS file irretrievably, but by omitting
that stage, one can arrive at a text which with a little obvious minor
editing is very nearly perfect, except that it has lost the first 2 or 3
words of every chapter - and of course has no verse numbering. These are
serious blemishes. However, the fact that 99% of the text is perfect
(including all the vowel pointing and cantillation) proves, I think, that
the correct PROCEDURE has been followed.

If anyone has succeeded here, where I have failed, I would greatly
appreciate it if I could benefit by their experience.

Best wishes to all

John Richards

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