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on 10/08/00 11:41 AM, Peter Kirk wrote:

> None of us can never know for certain if God created the world a few
> thousand years ago, complete with a perfectly preserved fake past history.
> Equally he could have done so a few minutes, or seconds, ago, with the fake
> history including our memories. But we would expect such a fake history to
> be consistent and indistinguishable from true history, at least if God is
> powerful and good. It would be a strange inconsistency if God were to
> undermine this fake history by revealing the hoax to someone like Moses. So
> I treat with considerable scepticism any attempt to read the first verses of
> Genesis as a some sort of confession that history has been faked.


By choosing the word "faked" you have loaded the argument. The word "faked"
in the quoted paragraph brings with it a whole set of epistemological
presuppositions about the relationship between observable phenomena and what
can be known about cosmic origins.

If one chooses to simply reject your epistemological commitments then one
might be tempted to just throw out your whole argument since the presence of
the word "faked" essentially sort circuits the critical issue of determining
what can be known about origins and how we go about knowing it.

It is quite possible that the cosmos is currently being misunderstood by the
"best minds" because they simply are suffering from major blind spots in
their thinking. This would be nothing new (Rom. 1:18ff). Saying that
"apparent age" in the cosmos if "faked" is putting the blame on the Creator
which is not where the blame belongs.


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