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I think it was Goss in the early 19th century who argued like this, starting
with the question of whether Adam had a navel - which of course he would
never have needed, if he was formed from dust rather than born. Later,
someone argued that God created fossils to fool fools.

None of us can never know for certain if God created the world a few
thousand years ago, complete with a perfectly preserved fake past history.
Equally he could have done so a few minutes, or seconds, ago, with the fake
history including our memories. But we would expect such a fake history to
be consistent and indistinguishable from true history, at least if God is
powerful and good. It would be a strange inconsistency if God were to
undermine this fake history by revealing the hoax to someone like Moses. So
I treat with considerable scepticism any attempt to read the first verses of
Genesis as a some sort of confession that history has been faked.

Peter Kirk

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You can not argue with a fundamentalist. Anyone who holds to faith can
easily argue that

if God created the universe
     and gave it rules to run by
     and if those rules required a past
then, by God, he made a past, which of course never actually exists.

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