To Alan Feuerbacher Re: Radiocarbon Dating, Flood and Plate Tectonics, Gowanaland, Pre-Adamic Race

Lemuel Abarte lemuel at
Thu Oct 5 18:47:29 EDT 2000

Dear Alan,

Some raised the issue of radiocarbon dating with reference to sedimentary
layers and as it impacts on accuracy of fossil dating.  Do you have some
comments on these?

Was there a massive collapse of continents to account for a worldwide flood?

What about the pre-Diluvian generation?  Was there an advanced civilization?

Was there a single land mass during the Earth's restoration in such theories
as the Gowanaland?

The evidence for a Young Earth theory may well fit into a Restored Earth
theory as proposed by Morris.

What about a Pre-Adamic Race?

I reason from these based on my readings in geology and the accounts both in
the Old and in the New Testaments, and mainly from the views of some

In my opinion, the Restored Earth model fits more data from both sides and
archaeological evidence.  I deny though, theistic evolution or
neo-evolution.  Although I could assert that I am inclined to a more literal
interpretation of the early chapters of Genesis.  Daniel and Jesus account
are not really a problem since Daniel's center of the earth is more
consistent with an imperial theme rather than a geological one.

You may consider that these are rather old observations but the new theories
seem unable to change these.  The only change I could think of from my past
perspective and current discussions for the early chapters of Genesis is the
Restored Earth theory.


Lemuel G. Abarte

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