Past and future (isa 53)

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I think there's good warrent for taking all as prophetic of the future. 

(1) 52:15 is future inside your central section.
(2) Why not take the QATAL forms as "prophetic perfects" (GK)?
(3) It's poetry, not prose, so time of action is very free. Thus we see a
lot of variety, including WAYYIQTOL (53:2), noun clauses & participles,
etc....very diverse, exactly the norm for poetry. In prose we expect more
consistency--not in a "Servant Song."

Dan Wagner

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One finds that the final Servant Song is commonly interpreted as prophetic.
However, the structure of the song begins will a future orientation (Isa
52:13), then moves to a past orientation (vv 14-10a) and then back to a
future perspective (vv. 10b-12).  In light of this, is there any warrant for
taking the central section as describing future events?


L.M. Barre, Ph.D.

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