Past and future

Rolf Furuli furuli at
Wed Oct 4 16:27:54 EDT 2000

L.M. Barre wrote,

>One finds that the final Servant Song is commonly interpreted as
>prophetic.  However, the structure of the song begins will a future
>orientation (Isa 52:13), then moves to a past orientation (vv 14-10a) and
>then back to a future perspective (vv. 10b-12).  In light of this, is
>there any warrant for taking the central section as describing future

Dear L.M.

How do you know the verbs are past or future when all the forms YIQTOL,
WAYYIQTOL,WEYIQTOL, QATAL, and WEQATAL  can refer both to past, present and
future and even have the force of the English perfect?



Rolf Furuli

University of Oslo

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