The Flood

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Sun Oct 1 22:52:35 EDT 2000

At 21.58 01/10/00 +0500, Peter Kirk wrote:
>As Ian declined to respond to the part of your posting retained below, 

This is incorrect. I responded that the understanding of the terminology as
I understood it was not the generally used understanding.


Rolf wrote:
All those working with chronology know the difference between an absolute
and a relative chronology. The oldest astronomical diary listed in A.J.
Sachs, H. Hunger,1988, "Astronomical Diaries and Related Texts from
Babyulonia", is one from year 16 of Samashsumukin. Thus an *absolute*
chronology cannot go back longer than the 7th century BCE. If you are aware
of older astronomical data that can be used for an absolute chronology, I
will like to know it.

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