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On Thu  9 Mar 2000 (23:05:12 +0500), igor-fel at lysva.ru wrote:
>  I have a question about translation "UPLA" in Habakuk 2:4. (Hine UPLA
> lo-iash'ra nafsho bo...).

 Dorogoi Felix,

 It's the 3fs Pu`al perf of the root `-P-L to lift up or swell up [with pride].
 In our transliteration scheme it is `uPP:LFH where F is Qamets. The : is a
 vocal shewa. The subject of the verb is NePe$, feminine; hence the 3fs verb
 and the feminine adjective YF$:RFH, upright, straight, on the level.

 Translate "Look!  His soul in him is swelled up: [it is] not upright;
 but the just man shall live by means of (B:) his faith."

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