Locating Gibeon & Aijalon

Banyai Michael banyai at t-online.de
Thu Jul 13 04:06:34 EDT 2000

Peter Kirk wrote:
> Interesting if true. But this should be testable. Can anyone give a date for
> an eclipse visible from this spot? That could be of major interest to
> chronology researchers.

22.10.1616 BC was a 60% sun eclipse with its peak at cca 6 am. Since the 
observer were situated at the moment on a higher standing point, they 
observe the eclipse quite well. This is my personal choice, but I must 
state, I
reckon with an Exodus 1622 BC. 
BTW, I didn´t stepped into the Jericho discussion, but there are plenty of 
to identify biblical Jerichoes destruction with a level dated by Miss 
Kenyon to
the MB age. 
There may be still other fitting eclipse dates, but this is merely my 
choice. I´ll publish later during this year, I hope, a complete chronology 
of Israel, as I conceive.

Best regards

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