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Banyai Michael wrote:

> Niels Peter Lemche and J.Kilmon wrote:
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> >
> > > Until such time as there is (no) archaeological or epigraphic evidence to
> > > support
> > > a bronze age mass exodus of Jews from Egypt, I consider any attempt to
> > > "date the Exodus" in the same light as dating Adam and Eve or Noah's Ark.
> Not knowing is excusable... A little help from myself: you should try with
> Ipuwers date according to Seters within the SIP combinated with a date now
> like 1628-1626 for Thera. Geologists have found Nile sediments from the
> Theran outburst. Some very massive ash cloud must have reached Egypt. My
> own very accurate date for the Exodus is 1622.

I snipped this post here because I see a big problem....other than the real
potential of having our keyboard hands slapped for a thread not related to
the Hebrew language.  You cannot date an event for which there is no
evidence by an event for which there is evidence.  The Thera eruption was
a VEI 6 making Krakatao appear like a cherry bomb and Mt. St. Helens
a mere firecracker. I am certain there is a large body of Mediterranean
mythology rising from the event.  The most that we can do from an
historical-critical standpoint is see a context in which such an event.....
almost certainly in less exaggerated proportions...could have happened.

The Thera eruption would place the purported exodus during the
Hyksos period which I think is too early.  Whatever historical event
may sub-stratify the Exodus story, the earliest Hebrew chroniclers
placed it during the reign of Thutmosis the Great.



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