Date of the Exodus (still shorter)

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Fri Jan 28 04:09:08 EST 2000

Niels Peter Lemche wrote:
> and the nice millions of Israelites turned up exactly at the right moment,
> what a coincidence, isn't it. And when they came to Jordan there was an
> eartquake at Adam making the river stop for a while so they could cross
> (this was actually put forward in seriousness about a hundred years ago or
> so).
> I' am afraid that we do not in my business work with coincidences like that.

I read the message of Prof. Lemche a couple of times and tryed to 
understand its content. It was quite difficult but at last I realised, it 
was so far: Prof. Lemche outed me as the author of the famous 
London-underground grafitti "Moses was here". How naive from me to do such 
a thing...

I appreciate however the scaled strategy of the discussion: first 
pretending epigraphic or else evidence and than going ad hominem.

He however knows very well, there are means to date the introduction of the 
hebrew calendar, by means of sothic calculation in the period about 1622 
BC. The data offered by Judges bring us also as far.

Banyai Michael
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