Dating the Exodus (long)

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Mon Jan 24 22:45:37 EST 2000

> It might be advisable if people stopped quoting Rohl's "Waste of Time" as
> though it had much value. 

Your view of Rohl is well known.  There just happen to be many 
who don't share it.

I have shown that his manipulation of the Amarna
> evidence is blatant and not to be trusted, especially where the evidence
> deals with relations between Egypt and the other great powers. (If the work
> is needed I can post it off-list.)

As I recall, having been a participant in that discussion, all you 
showed was that you know how to throw rocks and cite secondary 
sources.  I also recall that, for all your fussing and fuming, you 
admitted many times that you hadn't even read the book.  So don't 
expect to be taken too seriously on this issue.

Dave Washburn
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