"Post-Exilic" Genesis (long)

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> Dr. Mattfield's indicators for dating Genesis are accepted by all Bible
> scholars not adhering to a fundamentalistic view. In other words, you
> have to start from an agnostic point of view, not a preconceived set of
> beliefs.
> I found a few minor errors. Mattfield wrote:
> "Heth, the Hittites is derived from Assyrian "Khatte," a designation of
> the
> later Persian Abar Nahar region which includes Canaan (p.407, Redford)"
> Hatti, as a term for Syro-Palestine, is used in Neo-Assyrian
> inscriptions, and is not from the Persian Period..
> BTW, people with Hittite, or at least Indo-European names appear in
> Canaan in the 14th century BCE El Amarna Inscriptions, e.g. Shuwardata.
> .
	[Niels Peter Lemche]  Cf John Van Seters, 'The Term "Amorite" and
"Hittite" in the Old Testament,' Vetus Testamentum 22 (1972), 64-81

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